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        Tel: +86-532-86727018

        Company profile

        Qingdao AIBORUI Vibration Isolation Technology  Co. Ltd. is located at mid section of Haier road,

        Qingdao economic & technology development zone, Shandong province, the same industrial park asfamous Haier, Hisense companies, and close to 204 national highway, jiaozhou bay and Ji-Qing highway, so the communication is very convenient.

        The company mainly produces spring vibration isolator, damper,spring-damper vibration  isolators, and vibration isolation platform, which are based on German technology,and certified with ISO9001:2008quality management system standard byTüV of German.

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        • Management idea

          Be a 100-year enterprise and make lifelong friends

        • Enterprise mission

          Creating National Brand and Being Vibration Isolation Expert

        • Vision

          International Brand and Vibration Isolation Expert

        • Corporate Values

          Eliminating Vibration, Contributing to Self, Serving the Society, Using Customer Satisfaction as the Evaluation Criteria

        • Enterprise target

          Create a platform for employees' entrepreneurship, career, dream and career

        • Job requirements

          Honesty, honesty, pragmatism, High Efficiency and Quality

        • Style of work

          With great vigour, decrees and prohibitions, Improving and Pursuing Perfection

        • Enterprise spirit

          Dare to think, dare to do, dare to innovate, Keep forging ahead and climb the summit bravely, Dare to be the first

        Seven product advantages

        • Long service life

          Design life is up to 35 years,Almost maintenance-free

        • High vibration isolation efficiency

          Elimination of dynamic load, vibration isolation efficiency over 80%

        • Overload protection

          Emergency secco protection equipment and vibration isolators ,avoid to cause harm to equipment and protect the equipment safe and reliable operation.

        • Load display device

          It is easy to understand the force condition of the isolation and it for the center level

        • Solid damp

          Cancle the anchor bolts fixed,using my company’s patent product “Solid damp”fixed;

        • Import the damping material

          The damping of the liquid damping oil,Germany imports,absorb load, improve vibration isolation efficiency, and improve the stability and safety of equipment operation.

        • Directional design

          According to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of equipment, AiBoRui engineers to provide you with the most perfect vibration isolation scheme .

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